Predict The Future

Alhamdulillah, im so grateful that i was offered to study in a university i want. I really want to further my study there - i read a lot about this university, i asked a lot to my seniors and im really hoping one day i will give a chance to come there, to study there and grateful, i got it.


The Pain

I don't know where must i find my strength, i woke up from my sleep and the feels really bother my days. I tried to avoid this feels, try to fight this feeling - by doing something that could make me busy. But i still can't.

Begin ; No Ending

When both of them put the form beside, i could feel my heart started control its beat, no more sounds of drum. I think we had finished our interview. Suddenly, the other one interviewer asked a question to us. I feel wanna cry - he was asking us in arabic langguage.

Into The Light

Before this, i always dream to be an adult as soon as possible - i hate being controlled by others and last month i started my new life as a new person. New feels, new daily routine and new hope. It's not about the age i achieved but it's all about new experience i get through - the things that i had never expected to happen.

Power Of Love

I have fall in love for many times. And now, i still can feel the love that never leave my soul that always making me feel like world is too wonderful. Because this feeling comes from my heart, not comes out from my mouth.

The Babysitter

This week, i faced and learned a lot of things. Like what i share in my past post, i learn to drove the car by myself without my parents. In this post, i wanna share about how i learn to be a babysitter to all my sisters, how i handle them without my mom and dad. Recently, my parents were not at home - for one night.

Girls’ Day Out

As we get older, we get better at choosing in ways that will make us happy. We do a better job at picking activities that make us happy, and at spending time with people who make us happy.

Smolder Yearning

Nagging has an effect even when our kids act like they aren’t listening to us, which is always. See now, it's really effect my life when im missing her nags too much. That i could never get it anymore.


A good friend is one who accepts your shortcomings, but at the same time guides and supports you. Once we have found good friends it is important to keep and maintain the friendship. Another point to which Islam attaches much importance is the choice of a friend.

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