The Journey

The greatest of all capabilities of a human being is to become born again. 

One week – finally i passed this week well even though i need to face a lot of feelings that i had feel them before. As i arrived this place, it was crowded with the cars here – with too much people. I was arrive here about 11 am so it is not too busy at registration counter and im going to register at al Malik Faisal hall with my brother as my parents cannot join me along because they need to park the car out of the university so it’s okay to go there with my brother only.

I was placed and got my new room at Mahallah Zainab Jahsyi and grateful that my room was at first level and luckily they didn’t use ‘first come, first served’ service so i do not need to climb the stairs too long for this semester. But yaa i know the struggle of them who tried to come here early in hoping that they would get the room at first level and at the end it disapointed them all.

After my family went home, i back to my room and start to unpack all my things – it is too awkward to start the new conversation with new people who start to be your new roommate and it is not easy for me to face all this because in the same time i do not have any friends here instead of my new roommates who having their school mates with them along, and i also have a little bit problem to start  the new communication between me and my new roommates as they look too busy with their friends. All i can do is doing all things myself – quite and unpacked all the things silently like a doll. Homesick – the most thing i could not run from. Feeling back when i was thirteen because it was my first time being apart of my family but for this, i still could and try to control the feeling.


The taaruf week was held only for one week and it was filled with briefing, motivation talks and TEST – yes, we need to take the exam to determine how long we are here and the result was great – i know my ability so im so grateful of this. It’s been more that one weeks i was here, and i start realize that i could adapt with this new environment and i also became more closer with my roommates as they also got a habit like me – we love food, this type of people im looking for so that after this i could ask them to find foods anytime – the most thing i hope to happen after this.

In my first week, it was a wonderful week when i start to live in new environment here. They really practice the Islamic environment and ya, it is too great. As we are in the blessing month, Ramadhan i could feel the different here when they encourage the students to perform congration terawih prayer by perform them at the basketball court in my mahallah so that we do not need to walks to the mosque. And they also provide free foods to the students for their ifthar so that we could save our money from buying the foods but it is not a problem because the foods here is too affordable for all.



Today, i start my first class but still in the same course – arabic. But i really hope that my application to change the course would be success as i really can not face all this. I know this is not my passion so that im sure that i could not carry all this – this is out of my ability to learn something i don’t want it to be. But ya, Allah is the best planer and i really hope that He would put me in the course that i  want after this.





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