Live For Life

As we know, education is a never ending learning process in life. Also in Islam, it’s truly important and seeking knowledge is one of obligation for all Muslims.

As i was offered to study abroad, im going to tell you why i chose to study local.

Life is full of choice. As we get older, we could see almost all things in this world need us to decide which one is better for us. It could come with two choice or maybe more than that. I would highly agreed that study local must be more better than study abroad because it is highly affordable, mostly safe and majorly near with family.


Firstly, major goal of studying is to learn more knowledge at the new place we come. Not all of us came from rich family. As we know, our country was tested by the downfall of our currency, so that all the local university were providing low fees to make sure all the students could further their study which is affordable for them. Hence, when we were study at our own country, we don’t need to think the high transportation expenditures as we still could use any low cost trasportation like using our own car. We also no need to buy too much new equipment such as winter clothing as we were further our study at the same country with no season change.

Secondly, when we were further our study at our own country, the student feel more safe because we were using the same culture so that, we could avoid us from any change that could lead us to the wrong path. Furthermore, when we were study local, it is easy for us to communicate with the people around us so it could help us when we were need any help from them.

Lastly, the most thing needed by the students is get a focus while studying. When we were study local, it’s at least could avoid us from getting a bad homesick for sure because we were near to our family. We still can easily keep in touch, we still could get their support and for instance, when death happen to our family we could go home immediately.

Despite all the benefits above, the benefit of study abroad also cannot be erase or forgotten as it also give us  new experience such as it could teach us to be more independent as we were study at a new country. But it is also could be achieve when we were study local because all the task given still can improve our responsibility and also it could guide us to be an independent one. In conclusion, i want to stress that i am totally agreed that study local is more better than study abroad.


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