The Love

A father’s goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother’s goodness deeper than the sea. 

Parents – a word and something important in everyone’s life. They brought us here, strive to make us to see the world – to know the meaning of real life after nine months of living in our mom’s womb. The sacrifices they made to keep us feel the life and continue to do that till their last breath. But each people have their own life, their own parents. Some people still have both of them but some people only have one of them and some people have none of them. Alhamdulillah, i still have my Abah and my Mak this day.

There are a lot of sacrifices they made for us in making sure we could get the real title as the children, it’s innumerable. The time – they waking up in midnight to feed us when we were a baby. They going home late to find some extra sustenance for their family, they try to come any events at their children’s school – it’s all to make us happy, to avoid us from lack of love. And the most clearly we could see is they try to fill their leisure time with us.


The money – parents spend a lot of money right from we were a baby to fulfill all our needs. They bought everything we want and have u ask them how much the total all of them? But if we could count back the total of the money they used for us, could we pay it back? Honestly, we all could not live without money – as a children, who have no salary and totally depend on our parents, right? But the older we become, the feels to be an independent one appear bit by bit.

One week to go, i will start my new life as a student and for sure i will need money everyday. It’s been too long i am not asking my parents for money. That’s why i did my own business – i sold my handmade cookies, deserts, online business just because to buy something i want by not depending my parents’ money. And right now, the first thing im afraid of in uni life is money, how to survive there without money. Im going to start new life as a new student – not at the school which i could keep all my pocket money, starving for a day and totally depends on Dewan Makan, no need to buy at the canteen, no need to use my money and all i hope is i could survive there someday like how i could survive at school before. Actually im not from poor family but why i did all this  is only because of one thing, i still have my sisters and brother who need them more than me.

Even if they don’t know it, everyone has the instinct to survive.

Also my parents, they did everything for our siblings. They give what we want – more than enough. But sometimes, all their wish i really could not make it. Days ago, they asked me to attend my second level interview at IPG as i pass the phisycal test eventhough they know i was offered to further my study at a university – it’s not one of my ambition at all to be a teacher and im truly in dilemma right now. And grateful, i pass my interview to get a scholarship to study abroad at Yarmouk University and i decided to reject the offer. Yaa, it’s not because im not taking the chance but i was offered to study at the university i really want and im not interest at the course they offered.

I know the statement really showed that im not grateful of all this – everyone dream to study abroad and i got it but you must feel what i feel first, why i chose to reject the offer. I really could not make it. I have my own dream and all i hope is it will comes true, hoping it would be paid of all this someday.


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