Behind The Lies


Life absolutely like the colour of iris, when we were delivered to this world we have a pair of eyes and for sure we have a pair of iris. The colour of our iris were determined since we were a baby. In humans, the iris may look green, blue, brown, hazel (a combination of light brown, green and gold), grey, violet, or even pink. Why i told they were absolutely like our life is because everyone have their own life, everyone is not same at all. Everyone was written to be like this or like that.

Sometimes, we get jealous to others because of their colour of iris. And nowadays, the innovation made everything could be change. We can just go to the optic shop and buy any colour of contact lenses. Is it still same like the oryginal one? Can we go the shop and ask for any life we want? – the life same like others just because they have more than us by didn’t look at their flaws.


Eyes giving us a lot of life impact. Using eyes we could see what we love like the view of calmness, we could hear something because for your information the person who got bad sight couldn’t hear clearly – if you wanna try, ask someone you know to put off their spectacle and you speak something about three metre infront of them and you will see is it true or not. Anf honestly, from your eyes, you will feel the happiness because the love come from eyes to heart.

Your eyes will always be closer to your soul than to any other part of your body except the heart – Sorin Cerin

The eye-tracking method for detecting lies has great potential, it’s one of the roles of eyes. We try to hide our feeling and we forget our eyes speak, we try to hide the truth but we forget the eyes could not agree with the lies, and we told we were alright and we forgot from eyes the tears rolled down to tell the truth – there are no way the truth can be disguised.


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