Predict The Future

15th May 2017, the date that every 99 teens waiting for. A date that made the beats come back – a day would determine where to lead us into our future. Alhamdulillah, im so grateful that i was offered to study in a university i want. I really want to further my study there – i read a lot about this university, i asked a lot to my seniors and im really hoping one day i will give a chance to come there, to study there and grateful, i got it.

In my UPU applicaton, i have chose about six of eight choice to apply this university and the course i got yesterday was the fourth. I also sent a direct aplication letter to their office. See, i really wanna study there. But sometimes, i also heard about the flaws of this university especially of their management. Actually, im not really sure about this but it’s only based on what my senior told me but yaa, it’s happened to my friend just now when she was placed at Gambang Campus which her course is supposed to be at Petaling Jaya Campus.


I was offered to further my study in arabic course – it’s really shocked me at first but based on my read, we could change our course during orientation days. So, i really hope that i will make it. Actually, i really love this subject, i learned them for five years during my past school. But, im looking of my ability. I know it is a big opportunity for me to learn this Quran language but when i look at my past im not really scored in that subject.

“The disillusionment with our own abilities is, perhaps, one of the most important things that can ever happen to us.” ― Tim Hansel

Less than a month, i will continue back my life as a student. Sitting in the class room, manage all my routine myself – for sure, no more free foods, no more long-holiday. Basically, im not ready to face all this yet. In my position right now,  i really lost my soul. I really don’t know how to survive there, im not the one who i really impress anymore –   a girl who never afraid of life challenges. When i come there, all i hope is it will give me new inspiration of life, to face my new life.


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