That’s Life

But this new life had taught me a lot. And it was clearly seen when i learn to not depend too much on people, taught me to do all things myself and this really not easy for me.


The Never-Ending Misery

Having new friends and new routine here but still wonder why the feeling still can not change - wondering why their laugh make me cry, why i can not feel the same like them.

Lightens the Burdens

Three days was not enough for me to be at home and finally i need to go back here again. A day that really challenge my life actually, i need to go back here again by myself.

The Journey

The taaruf week was held only for one week and it was filled with briefing, motivation talks and TEST - yes, we need to take the exam to determine how long we are here and the result was great - i know my ability so im so grateful of this.

Live For Life

Life is full of choice. As we get older, we could see almost all things in this world need us to decide which one is better for us. It could come with two choice or maybe more than that.

The Battle

Actually, its been too long to not think about all this - to prepare the things that need to bring along, write down the checklist and it's a little weird for me since im not doing all this for months.

The Love

Each people have their own life, their own parents. Some people still have both of them but some people only have one of them and some people have none of them. Alhamdulillah, i still have my Abah and my Mak this day.

The Memory

Actually i really not sure how many times we planned to spend our time together during this holiday, ya grateful it comes true finally.

Behind The Lies

Eyes giving us a lot of life impact. Using eyes we could see what we love like the view of calmness, we could hear something because for your information the person who got bad sight couldn't hear clearly

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